Public Works Department


The Public Works Department includes the: 

  • Engineering Division
  • Maintenance Division
  • Recreation Division
  • Wastewater Division

The City of Scotts Valley does not provide water service, it is provided by the Scotts Valley Water District.

traffic light

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division includes three primary categories: design and construction, traffic engineering, and land development. 

Design & Construction

The design and construction category includes design and implementation of capital improvement projects. 

Traffic Engineering

Traffic engineering consists of the review of traffic impact studies, traffic movement counts, capacity analyses, and management of traffic signals throughout the City. 

Land Development

Land development includes reviewing projects proposed by perspective land developers and coordinating the review process with other departments such as Planning, Police, and other agencies.

Maintenance Division

The Maintenance Division involves street maintenance to include road repair work and striping of public streets within the City, as well as storm drain repair and maintenance; public building maintenance; and City vehicle maintenance. 

The Maintenance Division also takes care of the City parks; the two largest being Skypark and Siltanen Park.