Park Projects

Scotts Valley parks and trail maintenance falls under Recreation in the Public Works Department. We know how utilized all our outdoor spaces are – it's what makes Scotts Valley such a great place to live! And we understand that there is park maintenance and repairs needed in many of our parks. Watch this space for a listing of all current and upcoming projects we have planned for our parks.



New Tot Playground (8)Coming Feb. 2024, were excited to announce the new Tot Playground! We replaced the small playground equipment with new equipment received through a Prop 68 grant, which will feature inclusive play equipment features.  We're currently waiting on the install of our pour-in-place surfacing, and once finished we will be excited for our new Grand Opening!

Two trees near the playground we're replace with new, native, water tolerant trees!

The trashcans are an issue with the crows getting into the trash and making a mess. We are planning on replacement cans with the 2024 budget.


The large oak tree that fell during the storm needs the stump grinded and removed. We are looking into replacement options.


The irrigation on the fields needs repair in the entire park. We have a Capital Improvement Project planned for Summer/Fall of 2023.

The large fence around the perimeter is currently being replaced! 

The parking lot needs a brush cleanup which we have planned for summer 2023.

Currently, the Little League baseball field is being re-turfed!

Hocus Pocus:

The restrooms recently got new flooring.  We now need to paint the exterior and repair the roof.  This planned for late summer.  

The basketball net and backboard will be replaced with an upgraded model and secure posts.

Dog Park:

The Dog Park is getting new chips by June and replacement furniture.

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