Paint Night

Paint Night with Yeshe Jackson- 11/10/23

Scotts Valley Parks & Recreation hosted our first paint night with the amazing local artist Yeshe Jackson!  Residents came and enjoyed a buffet of appetizers, apple cider while being lead in a painting demonstration of Natural Bridges during a sunset.  Be on the lookout for future paint classes with the Yeshe Jackson!

"Paint night with Yeshe Jackson was an absolute masterpiece of an evening! His brush danced across the canvas, conjuring up the magic of Natural Bridges at sunset. The whole experience was a swirl of creativity, laughter, and a dash of paint here and there.   But let's talk about the real showstoppers: the charcuterie board was a work of edible art, a masterpiece in its own right, and the apple cider? Well, let's just say it added the perfect touch of sweetness to an already delightful night.   Yeshe Jackson didn't just paint a scene; he painted a memory. Can't wait for the next stroke of genius – both on canvas and in the Parks and Rec department!"  -Local Resident, Shannon Youmans