Community Garden


Annette Marcum Community Garden

360 Kings Village Rd. Scotts Valley (left of the Community Center parking lot)


Enriching our community as we grow together! 


Do you like Gardening? Come check out the Annette Marcum Community Garden! Plots of all sizes are available for annual rental, ranging from 12- 125 sq. ft. ($1/sq. ft + $9 admin. fee), spaces are limited.  Contact for more information about renting a garden plot.  Be sure to follow Scotts Valley Community Garden on facebook for the latest updates!


Between the Senior Center and Community Center near Skypark, the garden is a place where 40 residents let their green thumbs shine, and all residents come together to share the joy of the outdoors and the opportunity to grow.

Our Community Garden members have a designated plot assigned for each year starting in February (in time for the spring season). Gardeners get to choose which plot they would like—some are small, corner spots; some are better for hanging vines, and the raised beds are best suited for those with limited mobility since it means less bending over.  Several of our plots are multigenerational with a grown adult helping their senior parent to have gardening experience. Since some seniors don’t have a space at home to garden, they thrive in the garden knowing they have somewhere to be and food they can take home and share. 

Built in 2014, the wood around the raised beds had begun to rot, and the flowers and veggies were starting to suffer: enter Newt Gardens, a full-service gardening purveyor located in Santa Cruz that specializes in supporting native habitat and ecosystems. Over the course of eight days, the garden was rehabbed with a new design, better waterflow and sustainable redwood, providing a setting expected to last 15 years.

Participating in the garden is an inexpensive way to ensure there’s always a host of fresh food on the table. With many people not having a yard or living in multifamily units, apartments, assisted living, there is still an option to connect with the land, grow your own fresh food or beautiful flowers and there is a community of welcoming neighbors who come to a shared space to take part in the joy of gardening.

Garden Plot Map