What is a significant tobacco retailer?

Significant tobacco retailer means any tobacco retailer for which the principal or core business is selling tobacco products, tobacco paraphernalia, or both, as evidenced by the fact that 

  1. 20 percent or more of floor or display area is devoted to tobacco products, tobacco paraphernalia, or both
  2. 67 percent or more of gross sales receipts are derived from tobacco products, tobacco paraphernalia, or both
  3. 50 percent or more of completed sales transactions include tobacco products or tobacco paraphernalia

After the effective date of this ordinance, no license shall be issued to a significant tobacco retailer at any location, measured from the nearest property line, that is within one thousand feet of a school, or 500 feet of a park, or other business or institution whose primary business or purpose is the instruction or education of children or those under the age of 18. Examples of such places include, but are not limited to, tutoring centers, child care centers, recreational facilities and gyms.

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