What does the City’s tobacco license require?

The license requires that tobacco retailers comply with federal, state and local tobacco ‐ related laws, including provisions of the City's tobacco license. Information about the City's tobacco license is provided in this FAQ and can also be found in Chapter 5.22 "Tobacco Retailer Licenses" and Chapter 8.25 "Regulation of Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes Advertising and Sales" of the Scotts Valley City Code Ordinance Number 188. Educational materials regarding state and federal tobacco laws can be obtained by contacting the Scotts Valley Police Department at 831-440‐5670.

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1. How does a Tobacco Retailer License (TRL) work?
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7. I already have a state tobacco license issued by the California State Board of Equalization. Why do I need a tobacco license from the City?
8. What does the City’s tobacco license require?
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