What happens if the tax doesn't pass?

With direction from the City Council, the City will have to cut millions more in General Fund programs and services. Up to now, the City’s cuts have been to components of the City other than public safety.  With deficits in the range of $1-3 million and compounding, the City would be forced to reduce public safety services, given the proportion of the police department of the City’s General Fund budget (45%).  We will be unable to keep SVPD just as it operates today unless a significant new revenue stabilizes the city. All of the General Fund services would be examined and reductions would be expected in parks, infrastructure and maintenance.

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1. What is Measure Z?
2. What would the new funds be used for?
3. What happens if the tax doesn't pass?
4. What items are charged sales tax?
5. Who pays sales tax?
6. How much will this cost families on average each year?
7. How is the sales tax spent in the City?
8. What is the sales tax rate? Who gets it?
9. If the sales tax does not pass, could others get the tax instead of Scotts Valley?
10. How else will the City address the need for more revenue?
11. How does the loss of Kmart and businesses like Scotts Valley Sprinklers hurt our needed revenue?