What is the sales tax rate? Who gets it?

The current sales tax rate in Scotts Valley is 9.00%, the same as Capitola and the unincorporated County.  In Santa Cruz and Watsonville, the rate is 9.25%. 

The 9.00% sales tax in Scotts Valley is made up of a state sales tax portion (7.25%) and a local transactions and use tax portion (1.75%).  Of the total 9.00% rate, the City of Scotts Valley receives 1.50%, which is one-and-a-half cents for every 9 cents collected.  Translated into dollars, Scotts Valley receives 75 cents for every $50 spent on taxable goods.   

Here is a breakdown of the sales tax allocation in Scotts Valley:

Sales Tax Summary Table

Also, see: https://www.cdtfa.ca.gov/taxes-and-fees/sut-rates-description.htm

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