How else will the City address the need for more revenue?

It’s important to note that if Measure Z passes, it will not cure the City’s budget challenge.  Measure Z is significant in that it would prevent major cuts to core City services, but the City will need to continue to support growth in the local economy and look to other revenues streams to create a stable and thriving City government.

Economic development is an important component of a healthy city budget.  The Council is actively working on initiatives to support a strong local economy, which helps businesses, residents, and the City.  The City has a Council Economic Development Committee to focus on this topic. The Council recently established a Town Center Exploratory Committee with the Mayor and Vice Mayor to redouble efforts to create this envisioned downtown gathering place, rich with shopping and restaurants.  The City Council designated the Vice Mayor to focus City efforts on the replacement of Kmart.

In the recent years, the City supported the 1440 Multiversity and Four Points Sheraton hotel projects which have added greatly to Scotts Valley’s services and amenities and helped the City’s budget.  Additionally, the City is engaged in the approved Marriott Residence Inn project to construction.  This 120-room hotel would bring in additional hotel taxes to support community services.

Also, the City will look to ensuring that existing taxes are being fully and fairly collected.  We plan to audit our tax rolls to ensure we gather uncollected revenues.

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1. What is Measure Z?
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10. How else will the City address the need for more revenue?
11. How does the loss of Kmart and businesses like Scotts Valley Sprinklers hurt our needed revenue?