How much are our police paid? Is it competitive?

Our police are the lowest paid in the County.  An entry level police officer earns $63,000 per year.  In Santa Cruz, the salary is $75,500 for an entry-level officer, about 20% higher. Elsewhere in the County, an entry-level officer can early 30-40% more than Scotts Valley. In Mountain View, that same officer would earn $112,000.

The Police Chief earns $184,000. In the County, other Police Chiefs are paid: Santa Cruz ($217,000), Watsonville ($191,000), and Capitola ($167,000).  In Mountain View, the Police Chief earns $298,000.

Even now, SVPD is having difficultly recruiting and retaining trained police officers as the Department is unable to pay a competitive wage. SVPD officers are paid below other agencies in the County.

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