What about a parcel tax?

A parcel tax is special tax on properties based on either a flat per-parcel rate or a variable rate.  Only property owners in the City would pay a parcel tax. With a sales tax, anyone who purchases goods in the City of Scotts Valley pay, and thereby contribute to support general city services, police, streets, sidewalks, parks, that they benefit from.

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1. What does the City collect in property tax?
2. What do other cities collect in property taxes?
3. Why does Scotts Valley only collect 6.5%? Can this be changed?
4. Where does the rest of the Property Tax go?
5. How much is collected in hotel tax and how does this compare?
6. What about a parcel tax?
7. What is the utility users tax and how does this compare?
8. How do Scotts Valley's taxes compare with neighboring cities?